“When I was younger, so much younger…”

Well, here it is, finally, my first blog. I have read a lot of great blogs recently but it was reading the #Edn1000years collection that @ChrisChivers2 is putting together that finally made my mind up to do it. Surely with 27 years of teaching and learning experience behind me I could find something to say. 


So, in the spirit of nothing ventured and all that, I give my 27 years younger me the following, using the medium of expressive dance…only kidding…the medium of song lyrics.



“Any way the wind blows, doesn’t really matter to me”.  Queen


Actually it does matter because a day, an hour or a minute can change in the blowing of a breeze. Take it from me, wind changes children in ways you would not believe. Go with it, nature is not a force to be reckoned with, no matter how painstakingly you planned your lessons. IT IS NOT WORTH IT!



“Honesty is such a lonely word” Billy Joel


Be honest with yourself and others, admit your mistakes and move on. It may be very difficult at times, but it really is the best policy.



 “You say it best when you say nothing at all.” Alison Krauss


Bite your tongue at the right time. Although I just said that honesty is the best policy, sometimes saying nothing can also be the best policy. Choose your moments and audience. I have said so much to no-one at times just to say it out loud and be done with it.



“At the age of 37 she realised she’d never ride through Paris with the warm wind in her hair.” Dr Hook and the Medicine Show


Do not have regrets. Do not put things off. Do not wake up one day thinking what might have been.



“Should I stay or should I go?” The Clash


If you took my previous advice about being honest with yourself then you will know the right time to move on and not outstay your welcome. 



“If it wusnae fur yer wellies, where wud ye be?”  Billy Connolly


I would still be on a Year 5 residential from 2001, stuck in a muddy field in Hornsea (3 shoes are still there in their earthy time capsule. BE PREPARED.



“It’s not often easy, and not often kind, did you ever have to make up your mind?” Loving Spoonful


You will constantly have to make decisions. Sometimes you will have to act and it won’t be easy. Sometimes you will have to support children through tough decisions by others that change their lives forever. More often than not the decision is the right one but the consequences are long lasting and this means…



“I get knocked down but I get up again, you’re never going to keep me down”. Chumbawamba


You need resilience. You need space and time but you never give up.



“Train whistle blowin’ makes a sleepy noise, underneath the blankets go all the girls and boys” The Seekers


A blast from my childhood, this tune. Get as much sleep as you can. Sleep is good.



”Ha ha ha, hee hee hee, I’m the laughing gnome and you can’t catch me!” David Bowie


Laugh, laugh, laugh. It really is the best medicine.



”And I’m thinking about home, and I’m thinking about faith, and I’m thinking about work,

and how good it will be to be here some day on a ship called Dignity.”. Deacon Blue


Two simple messages here…keep your dignity (unless it is for charity) and …


have a dream.