wp-1451581278985.pngI have dipped in and out of #teacher5aday chats and activities (which @MartynReah kicked off here)  with interest over the past year, including all the spin offs. I read a lot of the pledges at the start of the year and have been reading reflections and new resolutions from many teachers over the past few days.

Since Sunday, I have participated daily in the #teacher5adaySlowChat and storified each day for everyone. I have thoroughly enjoyed interacting, sharing and gaining ideas. I have also enjoyed reading a great many brilliant blogs about nurture, wellbeing and mindfulness. It has helped me realise there are a lot of good out there in education land.

It has made me seriously reflect on what I do, how if affects those around me and whether I care enough about my own wellbeing in order to ensure that I give my best at work for the children and the staff. The conclusion I reached is that I do not. I get to work early, leave late, often don’t have lunch as I deal with lunchtime incidents and am then either in class or a meeting, don’t drink enough water, drink too much coffee, am overweight, wake up in the wee small hours and can’t get back to sleep… I could go on but am depressing myself.

Bizarrely I am very good at supporting others, listening and offering solutions, telling them to go home from work early, making sure staff get their lunch breaks, being positive in tough times, encouraging staff to do their best, laughing a lot and saying thank you. After a particularly difficult and stressful half term, in October I gave every member of staff a gift bag of small treats (inspired by @abbiemann1982 ‘s #wellbeing bags) to thank them for their hard work and also for the unswerving, above and beyond support they gave to me during a very difficult situation. Each bag had this card attached to it…


In December, again to say thank you, I made and gave every member of staff a reindeer (hot chocolate and marshmallows).



So, having thought about all of this, I am ready to set my own #teacher5aday resolutions. So here goes…


*spend more quality time with my husband and get him out of the house more (he suffers from severe anxiety and depression)

*restart the SENCO network I started in September 2014 but let lapse a year later, when other things took over. This is a brilliant opportunity to share and learn with others in the same boat

*push for a Deputy Headteacher network in our pyramid (again to #connect and #learn)


*walk the dog every day

*aerobics 3 times a week

*drink hot chocolate before bedtime rather than tea/coffee (hopefully will lead to better sleep)


*what time it is and go home early at least once a week

*start a #wellbeing weekly award for staff


*read the 5 education books I bought (especially the SEND ones)

*read and talk to others about SEND interventions not tried yet


*continue to support others as much as I can

*join in the #teacher5aday spin off initiatives

I look forward to being more proactive in #teacher5aday and in looking after my own wellbeing, in order to do and be my best.