Sunny Spots

Having had a couple of trying incidents to deal with this week, it would be easy to write about them and their impact. However, to counteract this, I have decided to focus on things that happened in school this week that made me smile (my Sunny Spots).

This week, my Sunny Spots were:

Year 6 children reading to and with Year 2 children in the library and also playing phonics and maths games with them.. This is something I feel we do not do enough of and both sets of children got something out of this experience. Too much emphasis in the past few years on the Year 6 children “not having enough time”. We need to make this time happen regularly, as it is mutually beneficial.

Year 6 children chatting enthusiastically in the dinner hall about their class reader, Once by Morris Gleitzman.

Our Playground Mediators sorting out an issue calmly and supportively with a few Year 1 children.

Year 4/5 children hot seating linked to Pandora’s Box. This was not the usual Hot Seating activity though…it was Jeremy Kyle style and included a blow up microphone! The best part was the questions the audience were asking. They were deep and meaningful and picked out key themes from the story.

Year 3 children celebrating their Beat That Big Maths scores.

Year 6 training Year 2 children on the best tactics and playing as a team for the forthcoming Benchball Tournament at the local high school.

Reception children confidently having their first try at climbing ropes, frames and rope ladders. Much braver than I ever was.

Year 1 children mixing colours with powder paint and sharing their art work proudly.

There was something that made me really laugh though. I walk outside before and after school, chatting to parents and carers. As it has been very cold this week, my best friend was my hat. The faces they pulled when they realised it was me saying Good Morning to them was priceless! Maybe they were trying to think if they had said something they might not want me to hear!



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